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Rules, Regulations and Procedures

2017 Summer

3 on 3 / 4 on 4

 Pond Hockey







In the past, we have had some teams not show up to their games and just take a forfeit for certain reasons. This isn't fair for the other teams especially those that travel a distance to play in this league.

The No forfeit rule is as followed….. Any team that forfeits a game will be subject to a $100 fine or you can choose to not be eligible for play-offs which may be subjected to removal from the league.  To avoid the fine, your team must contact the other team directly and both must agree with the cancellation.  There is no rescheduling games unless the other team wants to reschedule. The team that originally cancelled is responsible for the referee and rescheduling dues.



Rosters must be submitted otherwise your team will not be allowed to play their game until do so. The template must be filled out completely. No excuses.



Everyone must sign a waiver. Again everyone on your roster must have the waiver signed. Your roster will be invalid if this isn't done and the players that did not electronically sign the waiver will not be allowed to play. The link will be sent to every parent after I receive the roster template.



Please have all your players look over the rules. This is located on my website.  This is a zero tolerance league and we will be watching closely on any sort of unruly play. Please keep in mind that there is body contact (angling) but NO BODY CHECKING. There is a difference and the refs will be able to make the distinction between the two. If by any chance the game starts getting chippy, the refs are told to stop the game, warn both coaches. If this doesn't solve the issue, the officials can end the game. Also, control your parents. Refs also can ask parents to leave the rink.



Please be ready to jump on the ice once the Zamboni is finished, off the ice, and doors closed. The referee will buzz the clock twice and will wait one minute before they start the clock for warm ups. No one is allowed on the ice when the Zamboni is on the ice.



The scoresheet cannot leave the front desk. Referees will bring scoresheet to the penalty box.


Score sheets must be filled out before each game.  Please cross-off all players that are absent for that game. Refs will be taking a head count before each game. I recommend you make up stickers to post on the score sheets. It’s a lot easier than filling them out every game. Again, score sheets will be at the front desk before every game and it does not leave the front desk.



Home team must submit a scorekeeper for that game. The clock will be set up to buzz every minute. The only time you stop time is as followed:

1.     Injury

2.     Penalties

3.     When the referees signals to do so



HOME TEAM and any team playing the individual sign up teams must provide a scorekeeper


1. Game times for each mini games is as followed:

·      Mites – No warm-up -  2 mini games – 20 minute each game

·      Squirts thru Midgets – 3 min warm-up -  2 mini games – 20 minute each game

2. No off sides, no icings, no whistles to stop play. When a goal is scored, the team that gets scored on pulls the puck out and head-mans the puck as quick as possible. The team that scored, all players must leave the zone simultaneously before re-entering.

3. Any penalties will result in a penalty shot. Any sort of major penalty will result in game ejection and a penalty shot.  3 or more minor penalties in a game series for a player will result in removal from the game.

4. No checking allowed. Any deliberate checks will result in a penalty shot and a game ejection.   

5. If a team has a non roster player playing, the result will be a forfeit for that team.

6. If adding a player to the roster, please contact me A.S.A.P.  You must do this before the first regular season game. Exceptions can be made based on certain situations.

7. Player must be a stick length away to change with other players. 1 player for 1 player even up exchange. Too many players on the ice infraction will be called if you do not follow this.

8. On penalty shots, both teams must be at their respective blue line and must be behind it.  After the shot has been taken, both teams can attack the puck.  The player that takes the penalty shot, score or no score, play will resume with the goalie controlling the puck and that player that took the penalty shot must leave the zone and tag up before playing the puck again.  The goalie may play the puck to his team right away. Time will start when the shot is taken by the player that is taking the penalty shot.


9.After a team receives ten penalties for that game, every penalty after that will result in an automatic goal and the head coach will be suspended for the next game.  So coaches, please control your team.


10. Coaches are not allowed to clang the door latch on the door to signal players off the ice before the buzzard


11. If a team has only five players or less, the player/s  staying on the ice has to touch the boards at their bench with their hand and then be able to jump in the play


12. You cannot start a game unless a team has:

 4 or more players in 3 on 3 league / 5 or more players in 4 on 4 league


13. A team not clearing the offensive zone after a goal: the play will be blown dead and the ref will warn the offending team once.  After that it will be a delay of game penalty, and a penalty shot.


14. A team can “borrow” no more than two players from the opposing team so that they do not forfeit the game, as long as both coaches agree.


15. If a team without a goalie gets a penalty it will be an automatic goal.

A team without a goalie can place a player in the goal crease, but this player has no goalie privileges.



Suspensions will be given out to the following for any unruly conduct, ejection of the game, fighting, misconducts, and etc. The following are the suspensions



1st Misconduct - Ejection for that game

2nd Misconduct during the summer season –1 game (2 mini games) suspension

3rd Misconduct during the summer season – 3 game suspension 

(if a third misconduct is taken in the last 3 games of the season) this will be carried over to next summer.



1st offense – 3 game suspension

2nd offense – Suspended for the rest of the year



3 penalties in one mini-game for a player - Ejection for that game. If this happens on a consistent basis, game suspensions will be handed out.


Checking from behind – Automatic ejection from the game and a one game suspension for the following game


Unruly Parents - Officials may penalize the team for unruly parents and ask those parents to leave the rink. If this is a consistent problem for certain teams and individuals, those parents will be suspended for the rest of the summer. We are all here to have fun and enjoy the game of hockey.




            Each ice slot will have two mini games and a possible shoot out. Listed                below is the different type of situations

1.     If both teams win one game each, then there will be a three person shoot out to decide who gets 2 points. Losing team will receive one point.

2.     If one team wins both games, there will be no shoot out and that team will be awarded two points.

3.     If one team wins the first game, and in the second game there is a tie, two points are given to the team that won the game out of the two mini games.

4.     If both games end up in a tie, there will be a three player shoot-out. Winning team will receive two points and losing team will receive one point.




This is a zero tolerance league!!!!!!!

2.     Home team must supply a score keeper for each game

3.     If both teams have the same color jerseys, visiting team must wear pull-overs. Coach Cheli has a set for that team to use.

4.     Every player must sign the roster. This is a non-sanction USA Hockey league  

5.     A roster needs to filled out by the end of the 2nd teiring game. Any subs that may be used should be listed on the roster.

6.     Their must be a coach on the bench at all times.

7.     Please check this website periodically for updates

8.     Also please have your parents check the website the night before every game just in case of unexpectable occurrences that may occur.

9.     Any problems during the course of the season, please contact me directly




If there any type of concerns or problems that you may have during the course of the summer pond hockey league, please bring this to my attention right away and not after the season. I cannot address it properly if this is not in a timely manner. Also, if you see my referees not doing their job properly and efficiently, I need to know this ASAP.

630-217-0503 (cell)