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Being one of the top developmental mite programs in the Illinois area, our goal is developing hockey players so they may continue to play the game at a higher level but most of all enjoying every minute while they are on the ice. Not only do we develop skills, we instill values which will benefit participants throughout their lives by emphasizing education, teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence and success in all activities.

The Mega Mites Hockey League was formed to provide U6 Sabre Silver Mite players the opportunity to play the game of hockey during the Spring Season and without all the demands of the fall season. This gives kids the opportunity to play other sports while developing their skill sets in hockey.  All practices and skill sessions focus on skill development and will be using the USA Hockey ADM Skills Program.  Each player registers individually and is drafted on to a team according to age. The draft will be conducted to make each team as equal as possible.

We will continue to provide skills sessions in our spring program for continued pursuit of player development.

You will receive the following……

  • 10 skills, drills and small area games practices
  • 10 Games – Full Ice
  • Goalies: Goalie Session 1x a week for those that are ready to commit *this will take place during skills with a goalie instructor
  • Team Jersey
  • Equal ice time
  • Learn team play and sportsmanship
  • Player of the week selection
  • Award Ceremony
  • Team Pictures
  •  Fun and enjoyable atmosphere for players and parents

 * Prior to Registering, please review the Program Guidelines

** Please refer to All Seasons Ice Rink Policies 

Posted on this website by February 15, 2017

Season will start March 17, 2017
Season will end June 4, 2017

Skills, Drills, and Small Area Games – Mondays Nights

Game Day: Sunday Mornings *except on the following Holidays such as Easter, Memorial Day Weekend, and Ice show weekend


Please see Evaluation and checkin in Schedule below for details. 

All skaters must register and paid in full by March 5, 2017.  Registration will open up on February 15, 2017 Registration confirmation will be sent via e-mail if you pay online. You can register here on-line or at the front desk at All Seasons Ice Rinks

All requests for players to be on the same team due to carpooling purposes must be made at time of registration. No guarantees but we will try to accommodate.  Please email me with this info at

FEES: $399 per player when registering online & $35 slush fund due at time of evaluation

Full equipment is required for all levels.  Helmet and cage, neck guard, mouth guard (strongly recommended at all levels; shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin guards, cup and supporter, hockey gloves, stick, and skates. 
Spring jersey will be provided

The MEGA MITES Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy will be strictly enforced.

Chris Chelios at: Or 630-851-0755 ext. 813



Finland* changed from Germany to Finland
USA Team 2 Linkoping Team 3
First Last First Last First Last
Reid Sidell Landon Nied Cooper Julian
Drew Mangelsen Ben Cullen Evan Englisharden
Landon Hale Ben Brash Ricky Becker
Andrew Melone Jamison Bovee Mason Miller
Kristen Koeppen Dominic Gerace Declan Marshall
Colin Hodgeman Chole Siffer Jessica Lyskawa
Michael Campise John Siffer Sarah Yates
Evan Kitsutkin Ehtan Heine Maddy Laxton
Drew Rommeney Parker Stewart Miranda Alvis
Brody Quint A.J. Vega  Luca Pamtel
Coach Hodgeman Coach Brash Coach Lyskawa



Date Day Time Rink Games Slots Practice or Skills Slots Notes
18-Mar Saturday 10:40am - on-ice Red Team 1, 2, 3 Evals
25-Mar Saturday 4:10pm Red Rinks Team 1, 2, 3 Practice
1-Apr Saturday 4:30pm Red Rinks FINLAND & USA - 1/2 ice practice 55 min practice slot - no ice make after
1-Apr Saturday 5:25pm Red Rinks LINKOPING 55 min practice
2-Apr Sunday 8:50am Blue Rink FINLAND vs. Team 4 Game #1
2-Apr Sunday 10:00am Blue Rink USA vs. LINKOPING Game #1
3-Apr Monday 5:40pm Blue Rink FINLAND, USA, LINKIOPING Skills
8-Apr Saturday 5:10pm Blue Rink FINLAND vs. Linkoping - 1/2 ice Practice
8-Apr Saturday 6:20pm Blue Rink USA - Full Ice Practice
9-Apr Sunday 8:50am Red Rinks FINLAND VS. LINKOPING Game #2
9-Apr Sunday 10:00am Red Rink USA vs. Team 4 Game #2
10-Apr Monday 5:40pm Blue Rink FINLAND, USA, LINKIOPING Skills
15-Apr Saturday 5:10pm Blue Rink FINLANDvs. USA Game #3
15-Apr Saturday 6:20pm Blue Rink LINKOPNGvs. Team 4 Game #3
17-Apr monday 5:40pm Blue Rink FINLAND, LINKOPING, & USA Practice
23-Apr Sunday 10:00am Red Rinks FINLAND vs.USA Game #4
24-Apr monday 5:40pm Blue Rink FINLAND, USA, Linkoping Skills
30-Apr Sunday 8:50am Red Rinks FINLAND VS. LINKOPING Game #5
30-Apr Sunday 10:00am Red Rinks USA vs. Team 4 Game #5
1-May Monday 5:40pm Blue Rink Finland, Linkoping, Usa Practice
7-May Sunday 8:50am Red Rinks FINLAND vs. USA Game #6
7-May Sunday 10:00am Red Rink Linkoping vs. Team 4 Game #6
8-May Monday 5:40pm Blue Rink FINLAND, USA, LINKIOPING Skills
14-May Sunday 8:50am Blue Rink FINLAND vs. Team 4 Game #7
14-May Sunday 10:00am Blue Rink USA vs. LINKOPING Game #7
15-May Monday 5:20pm Blue Rink Linkoping, Finland & Usa Practice
22-May Monday 5:40pm Blue Rinks FINLAND, USA, LINKIOPING Skills
23-May Tuesday 6:10pm Blue Rink FINLAND vs. LINKOPING Game #8
23-May Tuesday 7:20pm Blue Rink Team 4 vs. USA Game #8
31-May Wednesday 6:20pm Blue Rink 1 vs. 4 Game #9
31-May Wednesday 7:30pm Blue Rink 2 vs. 3 Game #9

BBQ for all friend and family
SUNDAY, JUNE 4th, 2017

12:30pm 1:40pm Mega Mites 1 hour 10 min Consolation Game TBD TBD
1:50pm 3:00pm Mega Mites 1 hour 10 min Championship Game TBD TBD

Registration Listing

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