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Developmental Hockey Leagues


This is an overview of what is offered during the course of the hockey calendar year. Lots of options for everyone at all levels.


 Scooter Developmental Fall Hockey League 

Sabre In House Hockey League
AGES: 8 year olds and up

For those who love the game, yet not quite ready for prime time youth hockey.  Practices each Saturday, Games each Sunday. All ice slots are at Downers Grove Ice Arena.  Ages 8 - 12 (birth years 08's, 07s, 06s, 05s, 04s, & 03s,) are welcome to join.  Check out the website for more information at . League will start mid October for the first session and first week of January will start season 2. 

March to June  

Scooter Developmental League
This league is for those players 8 years and younger who are participating in the Tot Hockey 2 & 3 and the Skating Fundamentals level. Welcome to an opportunity to get a taste of playing hockey in a fun and recreational environment using the USA Hockey ADM Cross Ice Model.

Mighty Mites Developmental Hockey League

  • This league was formed to give players the opportunity to utilize the skills they are learning in class and transition it to a game situation. 
  • Pre-requisite: This league is for players age 8 and under that are participating or have completed the Intermediate and Advanced levels of Pre-Mite Hockey programs and all Pre-Hockey levels. We will have a U-6 and a U-8 level.

Mega Mites Developmental Hockey League

  • This league are for those players, age 7 and under that played Sabre Silver Mite this past year. We will have a u-6 divisions. This league will also follow the USA Hockey ADM Skills Program but will be full ice games.


  • Cheli's In house league are for those kids that want to play hockey in a recreational and fun setting during the spring hockey season. 
  • Pre-requisite: Pre-hockey phase 2 and above. (phase 1 needs approval by Coach Chelios)
  • Ages 9+

Summer 3 on 3 / 4 on 4 Pond Hockey League

  • Summer 3 on 3 / 4 on 4 gives kids an opportunity to play hockey during the summer in a whole different format that is fun and enjoyable for everyone. Not only is it face paced but it allows your child an opportunity to develop on-ice creativity and confidence. Many levels offered for at all age groups.  

Summer Scooters

  • Same as the March to June Scooters developmental hockey league but played in the summer.