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Your First Day Of Class

ATTIRE – We strongly suggest HELMETS, and comfortable pants, sweaters / jackets, gloves or mittens. Knee or elbow pads are best used UNDER the clothing. Double-bladed ice skates are NOT allowed on our surfaces.


1. Please arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to the start of your class time to check in at our front counter, receive class pins, and get skates fitted and laced properly.

2. If you are NOT pre-registered and would like to sign up on the first day of class, please understand that pre-registered customers will be waited on first.

3. Instructors will be available to assist with skate lacing. Please ask at the front counter if you have trouble finding assistance on your own.
4. Look for SIGNS, telling you where to meet your instructor. Look for MAPS of the rink to indicate where your skaters’ class will be located on the ice surface.

5. Parent-Tot, Snowplow Sam 1 & Basic 1 students should be at their clearly marked meeting areas, 5 minutes prior to the start of their class to meet instructors, have their skates checked, and take attendance. All other levels should meet on the ice designated by the posted rink diagram.

6. MOST IMPORTANTLY, please remember that the first day of class is ALWAYS somewhat hectic, so PLEASE try to be patient and NEVER hesitate to ask questions!

Our goal is to make your skater’s experience so much fun that they will want to keep coming back for more each session!