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Whats Next for my Child?

For those skaters that are.....
  • Currently enrolled or graduated at the Pre-Hockey Phase 2 or Advanced level.
  • Currently enrolled or graduated Pre-Mite Advanced or Elite
  • Participated in the Mega Mites, Mighty Mites, CIHL or Sabre Inhouse Hockey League

Phase 1 kids may be able to play for the Sabres with Coach Cheli's Permission. Please give him a call.

CONGRATS!  You've Graduated! You Might be Wondering Whats Next? One of the Best Things about Hockey, You Have Lots of Options!!!
Its been great teaching your child learn to skate and play hockey, and now its time to move on to bigger and better things.  You may be confused with all the different options available to your child and how to continue their skill development.  Below you will find my recommendations for the best in local youth hockey opportunities.


2011, 2012 & 2013 Birth Years
Sabre Silver Mites for U-6
The Sabre Silver Mite program is a fully compliant American Development Model Program (ADM) that is based on age-appropriate guidelines and curriculum. If the term ADM is new to you, I highly recommend that you take some time to review
The ADM is a USA Hockey development program based on the science and research behind Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). USA Hockey was one of the first governing bodies in the USOC to adopt this structure. Today there are many more sports applying these same principles. It is designed for age appropriate development and fun!
Silver Mite skaters will be trained under a strict and fully compliant ADM development structure consisting of station-based skills practices, small-area games and cross-ice or half-ice hockey games. Both the 6U will play on a half-ice format.  The Silver Mite program is divided into two age groups, 6U for all skaters that are six (6) years old or younger
The Sabre Silver Mite program allows you to pick your preferred rink (All Seasons or Rocket) to have your practices and skill sessions based out of. This choice will be made during the registration process. Game days will rotate between All Seasons and the Rocket from week to week.
Season Overview
All participants will start the season in September with evaluation weekend. Your skater will be assigned to an evaluation group after you’ve registered. That assignment will come to you via email roughly a week prior to the evaluation weekend. During the evaluation sessions, all skaters will be rated on their skating ability and all around hockey skills. These player ratings will be the basis of the draft system and how the coaches will select their teams as our goal is to equally balance all of the teams. After evaluations, you’ll receive a phone call from the head coach of the team your skater was assigned to. All players will receive a Sabre jersey and socks in your team colors. You'll practice with your team and coaches for the remainder of the season that will conclude with Super Sunday in the first weekend of March.
Below is some more information on the Silver Mite program:

  • Practices start the week after evaluation weekend
  • Games will begin in October
  • Practices/Skill Sessions will be twice a week with Games on Sunday. Currently practice days are set for Tuesday and Friday for All Seasons teams. Rocket teams will practice on Monday and Friday. We will do everything possible to keep that schedule but due to the complexities of ice scheduling that is subject to change.
  • All games will be half-ice game format and one hour in length
  • 90 second running clock shifts to provide equal ice time for all participants
  • Goalies will rotate from game to game and all players will play all positions throughout the year
  • Officials are on the ice for each game
  • Penalties will result in a penalty shot 

Please refer to our registration packet on for more detailed information on program costs and evaluation dates.

2009 & 2010 Birth Years
Season Overview


For more questions, please contact the Jr. Sabre Mite Coordinator
Phil Lewandowski