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What to Expect Your First Day


. Make your way to the front desk at All Seasons Ice Rink and check in. Be sure to ask the front desk staff member for the class level your child has been assigned.
2. Go to your assigned locker room - you can leave your hockey bag and street closed in your locker room during your class. Please, no dressing your child in the lobby area. Thanks for your cooperation.
3. Once you're in your gear, gather in the area designated for your level and wait for your instructor who will bring you a practice jersey.


Learn to Skate Hockey - Tot Hockey
(If your child is in Beginner 2 or Beginner 3 and wants to wear full equipment, let them ;)

Hockey Helmet
Thick Pair of Gloves
Bike or skateboard Kneepads
Elbow Pads 

PreMite Intermediate & Advanced - Skaters 6 years old and younger
Fundamentals of Hockey, PreHockey Phase 1, 2, Advanced and Elite - Skaters 7 years old and older 

(If your child is in Beginner 2 or Beginner 3 and wants to wear full equipment, let them ;)

Hockey Helmet
Hockey Gloves
Hockey Stick
Shoulder Pads/Chest Protector
Elbow Pads
Shin Guards
Hockey Pants
Neck Guard
Sports Jock
Hockey Socks or Sweatpants

Coach Cheli participates in the One Goal Equipment Rental Program. Please see Coach Cheli for more information and rental details.

Moving Forward - What to Expect

After the first full week of classes, please note that some classes may be closed due to full or low enrollment. You can make up classes, and the schedule will be posted online as soon as its available so you can determine availability for make up classes if needed during your session.

During week 6 of the session, your skater will go through testing and evaluation in preparation for the next session. During week 7 you will be able to sign up for the next session in the level your skater has progressed to - Coach Cheli will let you know and the front desk staff at All Seasons Ice Rink will also have this information.

Coming Soon - Our Developmental Tracking System will provide parents the opportunity to track their childs progress.